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Intellectual Property Due Diligence Investigations

IP Due Diligence InvestigationOur Due diligence investigators are offering a comprehensive range of IP Due Diligence Investigation services to the IP owners who are facing the infringement issues to fight with the counterfeiters. Our Investigators provide the IP Due diligence investigation service with the evidence to support your rights to reinforce your legal strategies if your product or IP is being counterfeited.

Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations in India

Anti-Counterfeiting Investigation IndiaOur professional intellectual property investigators provide IP investigation services in India to grab the counterfeiters and our IP investigation starts from identifying the chain from the seller to reseller, to collect evidence to expose the legal manufacturers or illegal manufactures.

Trademark, Design & Patent Infringement, GI Mark & Copyright Violation Issues Investigations

Trademark, Patent Infringement InvestigationOur Intellectual property investigators provide wide ranges of IP investigation services in India which covers Trademark, Design, Geographical Indication marks and patent to provide a safeguard against their protection. Our IP investigations also conclude with the copyright issues which are allowing Our IP investigators to help you in suing the counterfeiters directly in the court.

Parallel Trade / Grey Market Investigations

Grey Market InvestigationOur Intellectual property investigators in India are always available to provide you our on-ground IP investigation services which are including the market surveys in all the pertaining areas and markets to trace the parallel trading and Grey marketing activities to provide the high level protection of your brand reputation.

Counterfeited Spare Parts & Pharma-Drugs Investigations

Counterfeited Spare Parts & Pharma-Drugs InvestigationOur Intellectual property investigations are superior in the all areas pertaining to identifying counterfeiting and counterfeiters in the pertaining places of Automobile/spare parts and pharmaceutical drugs. Our IP Investigators understand the importance of automobiles and drugs in the routinely circle and also know the threat against the counterfeited products pertaining to such kind of sensitive domains.

Market Surveys / Market Intelligence Report

Market Surveys and Intelligence ReportOur Intellectual property investigation services on market surveys/market intelligence reports help you in two different manners. Our IP Investigators initially find out the location and amount of the counterfeiting and then analyse the market value of the pertaining brand.

Conduct / Organize Criminal & Civil Raids

Criminal & Civil RaidsOur Intellectual property investigators provide exclusive IP investigation service to conducting civil/criminal raids for protecting intellectual property rights and also to deliver the solution of the counterfeiting issues. Our IP Investigators are well experienced to conduct physical market survey till coordinating with police for conducting the raids to cease the counterfeited seizure.

IP Monitoring Services vs. Online Brand Abuse Report

IP Monitoring ServicesOur intellectual property investigators have the expertise to monitor the brand in the market on interval sessions and also via online surveys. Our IP investigation services helps our client’s to protect the Intellectual property on interval sessions for protecting the IP rights.

Custom Protection in India

Custom Protection IndiaOur intellectual property investigators are also a responsible to protect the Intellectual Property of our prospective client’s which is necessary to stop the counterfeit products for importing and exporting. Our valuable IP investigation services have the responsibility to protect the client’s brand on the customs also to provide the safety for exporting and importing the counterfeited branded goods in all over India’s custom.

Factory Auditing / Brand Integrity Auditing

Factory Auditing serviceOur intellectual property investigators are providing the IP investigation services on Factory auditing and brand integrity auditing services which are helpful to provide the safeguard against the fraudulent activities within the organization including the manufactures. It is usually noticed that the manufactures or distributers or employee of the organizations put their company brand on stake for the fraudulent gains. Our capable and experienced IP investigators provide on-ground IP investigation services to protect your IP rights.

Mysterious Sample / Test Purchases

Sample Test Purchases IndiaOur Intellectual property investigators are experienced in Mysterious sample purchasing to hide the reason behind the purchase. Our IP Investigation service on mysterious purchasing is to detect the counterfeited stock marketing status of the particular brand.

Vendor Information in India

Vendor InformationOur intellectual property investigators provide the full background screening of the vendor and also provide the present activities of the vendor associated with the particular brand. Our IP investigators are able to detect the vendor information of any of them is supplying the counterfeited products in Grey market or parallel trading. According to our vast experience, generally it happens with the particular product that the vendors itself manufacture the product with the intentions of illicit gains.

IP Investigation in India