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Welcome to, a highly rewarding sector of SEVERG Networks & Resources Pvt. Ltd. providing effective accessibility to obtain investigative services ranging from Business Background Investigation, Surveillance operations, Corporate Due Diligence, Personal detective services in India, Fraud Investigations, Insurance Claim Investigations, Process Service, Asset Searches, Skip Trace and other forms of investigation.

The Prime objective of our company is to provide quick approachability of strong and incredible on-ground investigators who are capable of performing best investigative activity in any part of the India. The company is presently looking after entire need of a large number of corporate and personal clients located in various parts of the country.

This is the finest consortium of private detectives that are competent of giving best investigation in a discreet manner and also perform various kinds of covert surveillance and personal services with an objective to ensure the maximum compliance of client questionnaire through fastest extraction of information. Client confidentiality is the important aspects of our services which are befitting to meet specific requirements by effectively dealing with every case under strict confidence. Other than experienced human resources, we provide state-of-the-art technology and latest gadgets to produce quality work in any set of sensitive conditions.

In recent years, private investigations have come to a crucial process where one can get the positive prospects in protecting the private life and businesses against menacing practices. Fraudulence in work if ignored then it can create havoc to destroy a well established business. It’s imperative to use the quality investigation services to eradicate the incidences of embezzlement. If you are an Indian business person and looking out to defend your business from prevalent activities of misappropriation and fraudulence frequently occurring in the businesses then you can find the superior investigation activity of our private investigators.

There are many vital aspects which can utilized for getting the private investigation to detect prevailing threats in one or other form of risks. Some of our highly utilized processes of investigation for effective elimination of business risks are mentioned below. You can have a look on them to know how these processes are beneficial for you.

Analyze Corporate Loss Prevention

Businesses around the globe are doing rational analysis to prevent corporate losses through various ways by upgrading security of system or entire mechanism. Our corporate services are a long way to help you to figure losses going through fraudulent methods. You can figure out whether they are your employees or your clients?

Screening and Selection of Employees through verifications

Today, every corporate do have a Human resource department that would reiterate on need for having effective and trusted system of hiring or recruiting people, it would make you aware tom the instances on how neglecting hiring at times can be serious and risky to organization.

Insurance Frauds

In a virtual world there is a tendency of trusting everyone. But few nasty employees attempt to deceive the insurance companies through false claims which are not real and didn’t existed and huge finance go out in such frauds. Such fraudsters do not bother about increased premiums as the result of uncontrolled losses due to frauds.

Our clients in India are provided with huge knowledge of our services and placing unconditional faith in getting quality results and preferred us to meet all investigative requirements. Please contact our private investigators and private detectives for any kind of assistance pertaining to your requirement on

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